Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What steps have been taken so far?

In the spring semester of 2009, Professor Elizabeth Payne made the first significant strides to get our collection archived in a joint effort with Monica Fusich and the Henry Madden Library.  Drama 181T:  Costume History incorporated the archiving process, the studied techniques and materials used to construct the garments, and looked for relevant primary research to accurately date the garment.  This joint effort also was part of the ESILI (Enhancing Student Information Literacy Initiative) program at Fresno State.  
Visit the eCollections section of the Henry Madden Library (http://ecollections.lib.csufresno.edu/specialcollections/ ) and click on the "Theatre Arts Vintage Colleciton" to view the beautiful photographs and research done by the students.  
Photo courtesy of the Henry Madden Library

Additionally, you can view our previous blog and archive activities at our old blog (www.csufresnovintagecollection.blog.com)  Over the course of last year, students continued measuring, archiving, and blogging about the garments in our collection.  

We are thrilled that our work can continue this year thanks to the winners of the Fresno State Undergraduate Research Grant.   Congratulations to Kelsey Oliver, Lauren Mead, and Kayla Clark, and we look forward to seeing their research and archival work over the semester right here! 

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