Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This dress exemplifies 1920s style.  The straight silhouette and airy cream colored china silk with a heavier trip application are perfect examples of what was popular during this time.  This dress is made of cream colored china silk.  The lightweight fabric is accented with 8 hand embroidered medallions.  Leading up to each medallion and around each sleeve is two parallel bands of 7/8" wide single fold bias tape made out of the china silk.  The two bands have a 1/4" gap in the middle where you can see a detail that looks like a ladder created by extra threads wrapped together.

The decorative medallion shapes are 2" across with silk threads embroidered on a stiffened cotton background.  

The collar is made of cotton organdy with cross stitching.  The collar is bound with cotton bias binding and hand-stitched into the neckline.  This is something you very commonly find in dresses that have small side or shoulder openings.  It allows the wearer to easily clean the part of the garment that got dirtiest.  Removable collars are more common in men's clothing. 

Some stats:  
Chest measurement:  40"
Waist measurement:  40"
Length (neck to hemline):  42"
Opening:  2 1/2" placket on the right shoulder that closes with 3 Size 0 snaps.  

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