Friday, February 17, 2012

Early 1910s Day Dress

This garment is a cotton and lace day dress, probably from about 1912 or 1913, certainly pre-WWI. It sports the characteristic narrow skirt of the period, with a knee-length wider skirt over top. The light color also dates it to earlier in the period, but the fitted sleeves and shorter sleeves date it a little closer to the start of the war. 
The waistline is high, only a couple of inches below the bust, another common occurrence in early 1910 fashions. The stiff waistband looks like it might have been altered at some point in the 
dress's history, most likely recently, because of some residual hot pink thread. The square neckline of this garment is another good indicator that this garment dates to around 1910. 

       It intrigued me to see that this entire garment is made out of a machine-made net/mesh, overlaid with a Carrickmacross cutwork lace and embroidery, including the small ruffles at the neck, sleeves, and hems of both skirts. Its very very see-through. Fastening wise, the dress fastens closes with a series of hooks and eyes up the back, on both layers of the skirt and on the bodice. 
Over all the garment is in pretty good shape, with only a few small tears and stains.

Some Measurements:

Bust: 36.5"

Waist: 27"

Hip: 30.5"

Neck to Waist Front/back: 9.5/8.5"

Armscye to Armscye front/Back: 19.5/15.5"
Skirt Length Under/Outer: 40/23"  

Blog Post By Kelsey Oliver :)


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