Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1950s Evening Dress

Detail of Bodice

Detail of trim

 This dress is a beautiful example of 1950s construction and styling.  The bodice is made of a layer of pink taffeta lining and a layer of net that move independently from one another.  The taffeta layer has band of  gathered nylon gauze set into the neckline and pressed into small knife pleats.

The independent nylon layer floats free from the taffeta under layer and mimics the sweetheart neckline.  The top layer of nylon has a scrolling Rococo pattern created by gray dupioni edged by cording flat lined to another layer of nylon for strength. 

Vertical and horizontal bust darts shape both pieces, each layer has a separate zipper set into the left side.  The upper edge is finished with a piece of taffeta bias, and the dress has spaghetti straps made of nylon gauze.  There is one line of boning in each side seams.

The 3 layer skirt is cut in a 3/4 circle.  The under layer is made of the pink taffeta hemmed with  a 3” wide piece of horsehair to give the skirt body.  The two other layers are purple nylon gauze with a slight rolled hem.  the middle layer is 1” longer than both the lining and the outer layer.  The outer layer has scrolling dupioni pattern with cording that matches the bodice. 

Skirt detail

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