Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1930s Yellow Day Dress

       This yellow dress is a very typical style for a daytime dress during the mid 1930s.  The bright yellow silk dress has a white, green and black pattern printed onto the fabric--all components of the dress are made of this fabric.  

       The front panel is cut on the bias with a side panel set into a diagonal seam that extends from the side seam at the waist up to where the cape sleeves begin.  The side piece fits smoothly under the arms and up into a shoulder seam.  

        The dress has a v-neck, with a stitched down collar detail and simple bow detail at the bottom.  Both the neckline and the armscye are finished off with a folded piece of bias to give it interest. The cape sleeves are set into the flat collar detail.  The edge of the sleeves are scalloped, and are finished with a small, tight zig zag. 

       The back of the dress comes up to about 1” below the nape, and has the same v-shaped detail that is found in the center front.   All the detail lines on the bodice are seamed and topstitched to give them stability.  there are belt loops set into the side seams, but no belt has been found.  There are no closures

      The skirt is cut on the straight of grain and arcs up from the side seam to the center front.  The measurement at the side seam is 19” and at the center front is 26”. The hemline is finished with a rolled shirt tail hem.

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