Monday, June 3, 2013

Velvet 1950s


  This dress was recently donated to us and it is an absolute delight. 
  After some research we have estimated that this garment is from the 1950s. 

 This estimation was based off of several factors, including: the fur collar, the length of the dress, the waistline, and the placement of the darts on the sides.

   This dress is a dark maroon color and, in length, it would land just below the knee. 

  There are 18 detailed buttons down the front, with 20 loops. 
     There is also a matching belt with the dress. 

     The cuffs of the dress have detailed buttons. Another fun aspect is that there are even some shoulder pads as well. 

     As far as closures to the garment, there is a right side zipper in addition to the  18 detailed buttons and 20 loops. 

    The dress measures at a 38 inches bust, 30 inches for the waist, and 40 inches for the hips. 


Overall, this dress is in fantastic condition and is a really lovely addition to our collection.

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