Monday, May 27, 2013

Tan 1920s Day Dress

         With the release of  
The Great Gatsby it was fitting to be examining such a beautiful garment. This piece is a wonderful reminder of the roaring 1920s.  It is mid-calf length day dress. 



         The dress has a square patterned print as well as a V-Neckline with a tan collar and matching cuffs. 


                 The dress also has a dropped waistline, which was popular during this era. This waistline is accented with piping. The front of the skirt has a tulip shape skirt; however, interestingly, the back of the skirt does not. 

                                                                                 There are no real closures on this garment. There are 15 brown faux buttons that start at the V of the neck and go down the middle front to the waistline. 
    There is very little trim on this garment. There is lace on the cuffs of the sleeves as well as around the collar. The lace matches the tan color of these areas.

      This garment is in fairly good condition. The color has slightly faded from the garment. The fabric is also extremely fragile. There is  a medium sized tear on the right shoulder. 

     The dress is made of silk with a crepe weave. The bust measures 40.5 inches, the (dropped) waist is 36 inches, and the hips are 42 inches. The skirt length is 20 inches. 


         Interestingly, the garment is likely to be a costume creation. The fabric wear indicates, though, that this dress is at least 50 years old. 
         There are no tags as well as several areas (such as the waistline) where there are hand sewn stitches. 

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