Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Green Edwardian Blouse

      This lightweight Edwardian bodice is made of mint green china silk.  The front, back and raglan sleeves of the bodice are evenly gathered to the yoke.  

      The one piece bishop sleeve is gathered into a pointed cuff at the bottom

     The hemline in the front is swooped down so the pigeon front can be achieved easily.  We used a piece of elastic to demonstrate the shape.

     The blouse is hemmed by machine, with a heavier thread sewn through the bottom to create a solid line on the outer edge of the fabric.

     The neckline is round and falls slightly below the collar bone.  The rounded yoke is made of a creamy pink cotton plain weave under layer with cream colored lace flatlined to it.

    Some individual eight point embroidered lace flowers go around the neck and also around the bottom of the yoke.  Four rows of hand-ruched trim surrounds the bottom of the yoke.

     The bodice appears to be made of 3 pieces of 20” wide china silk.  The side seam and the center back are both finished selvage edges.  

      The only lining is the under layer of the yoke, which appears to have suffered some rust discoloration.  the neck is bound off by bias, made with the pink under layer fabric, and the yoke is shaped with darts in the front and a seam at the shoulders. 

       As far as closures, there are six hooks with thread eyes at the back of the yoke, but there is no evidence how the bodice closes up the center back.

     The condition of the garment is fair. There are several water stains, particularly on the back of the blouse. Also, the silk is shredded with the grain in several places. 

     There is no boning in this bodice.  Also, because the waistline is not set on a tape, there is no way to determine the neck to waist or waist measurements.

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