Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1900s Pin-Tucked Net Blouse

     This blouse is made entirely of silk net sewn into 1/2” pin tucks which run vertically on the main part of the bodice and horizontally down the sleeves, along with a detail of horizontal pin tucks that spans the shoulders. 

    Three parallel bands of 1 1/4” band of trim set on net with a wavy pink, blue and green pattern colored in run down the center front.  the same trim creates a yoke detail in the front and the back, runs along the base of the collar, and runs along the cuff of the sleeve.  There are two pieces of clear plastic boning sewn into the collar, where it is attached only at the top and the bottom.

    Tiny gold sewn on studs accent the center front line of trim and the shoulder yoke. The collar is finished off by a piece of netted lace with a scalloped edge, and the same lace runs along the hem of the sleeve. 

     The inside of the blouse is made from a very thin, sheer layer of china silk that has not held up with time.  The hemline of the blouse has a short, 2” peplum to secure the blousing and make tucking it into a skirt easier.


  1. Hi! You say 1900's for this blouse but the sleeves look a bit "puffy" at the top. (It's hard to tell in the photos). The overall styling looks more like an 1898 shirtwaist from the photos.

  2. Thank you for your comment! We will look into it.